WolfBox Dash Cam Installation Guide | How To Install a Dash and Backup Camera

In this article I'll go through how to install a WolfBox Dashcam. The exact item we’re installing is a WolfBox G840S, but installations will be VERY similar for all dash and reverse cams. Also, if you want to save 10% at WolfBox's site, use coupon code "CashedOutCars". Let's get into it.


Since there’s several ways to use these cameras, I’ll cover them in stages, from the most basic installation, to a full on, factory style install.


1) Forward Cam Only


This is the EASIEST to install. Simply plug in your power cable to a cigarette lighter port. Mount your camera and display on your rear view mirror, using the included mounting straps. The unit should power up and begin recording, assuming there’s an SD card in there. If there's not, get an SD card and insert it into the slot. That’s literally it! You now have a forward facing dash cam.



 wolfbox dash cam

2) Front and rear camera


To take your setup to the next step, we’ll install the rear camera. For this, we’ll need to find a location at the rear of the car to mount it. Higher gives you a better field of view for what’s around you, and midway up will help for parking. Lower mounting positions can help with lining up a trailer to the hitch. This is all personal preference though, and I chose to mount mine high. I taped mine in place first and plugged it in to see how it’d look!




Once you have a spot picked out, I’d recommend permanently mounting the camera. Check to ensure you will have enough cable length to make it to your device, then use double sided tape to mount the camera. Using something like denatured alcohol will ensure you get a good bond!



Next you’ll need to run your wire to the front of your car. To do this cleanly, you’ll want to tuck this behind trim panels. This WolfBox kit came with a trim removal tool to help with this. Gently pry up plastic trim panels, and put the chord in the gap. All cars are different here, so look up instructions for your exact model if you’re worried about breaking trim. You may also have to pull back weather seals, and carefully feed the wire through it. Be sure it seals back up to prevent leaks.




Now you can plug in your rear view camera for real, and see how it looks! I was quite happy with it, and this device offered multiple displays, and the ability to move what you’re seeing behind you. Pretty cool!


3) GPS


An additional feature of this unit is automatic video saving. This will save videos in the event of a high G situation, including hard braking or a crash. To set this up, simply plug in the included GPS and ensure it’s face up. This will also allow you to display speed and direction on your display!


4) Reverse Lines


The next feature to add would be reverse lines. To do this, you’ll need to tap into the reverse light wire, and connect the signal wire on the back up camera. You can use a crimp on quick splice like this one to do that. Now, when you put it in reverse, your assist lines will come up. These can be adjusted in the device’s settings





5) Hardwiring


The final feature you can add is dashcam hard wiring. This will allow you to run the camera 24/7 in timelapse mode, without draining your battery. It also will free up your accessory port. To do this, simply use fuse taps, with the specified wire going to ACC (switched power) and one to constant power. Then attach the ground, and you’re done!



I hope this article has helped you install your WolfBox dash camera! Again, if you want to save 10% at WolfBox's site, use coupon code "CashedOutCars". Best of luck on your installations!

Note: Using the promo code CashedOutCars will save you money, and also pay commission to CashedOutCars, to help support these articles and my YouTube channel! Links in this article are also affiliate links! 


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