3D Mats Floor Mats Review | 3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Mats

Today we're reviewing a set of all-weather, custom fit floor mats made by 3D Mats. I have two sets of the 3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Mats, one for a Mazda MX5 Miata, and one for a Jeep Wrangler. These were sent to me by 3D mats to try out, but this review is as unbias as it can be, given that. Before we get into it, you can save $10 with coupon code Cashed10. Now for my thoughts on these mats!

3D mats Floor mats, 3dmaxpider
The fit of these mats is great. They are truly a 3D molded mat, that fits the footwells of both the Jeep and the Miata very well. They have high sides to catch any dirt and debris, and prevent it from getting into your carpet. The Miata mats say they require minor trimming for the first generation car, which I have, but mine fit fine as is. The Jeep mats fit equally as well, though it was a bit tricky to line up the "catch" on the mat that prevents it from sliding around.

These mats have a velco like backing on them that prevents them from sliding around in your vehicle. I found this to work quite well, and the mats have stayed in place well. This was put to the test at track days and spritied driving in the Miata, and with light off roading in the Jeep.

As for the "All Weather" capabilities, I'd say they're quite good. I have run these mats for nearly 6 months, and have got in and out of my car with wet or dirty feet on numerous occasions. These mats have done a good job of containing that, and have been easy to wash by simply spraying them down with a hose.

3DMaxpider Kagu Mats
One very minor on that I've noticed is that the textured surface is easily "scuffed", so you may see lines from you shoes appear on the mats, depending on how you drag your feet on them. This was a very mild concern for me, but if you're picky about this, it's something to keep in mind. That said, most rubber mats will suffer from this same thing.

That wraps up my thoughts on the 3D MAXpider mats from 3D floor mats. Overall, they're a well fitting, good looking all weather mat that has done the trick in both my Mazda Miata and Jeep Wrangler, used for testing. Again, you can save $10 with promo code Cashed10. Enjoy!

Note: Using the promo code Cashed10 will save you money, and also pay commission to CashedOutCars, to help support these articles and my YouTube channel! Links in this article are also affiliate links!


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