Wolfbox G840S Dash Camera and Reverse Camera Review


The Wolfbox G840S is a high-quality dashcam and reverse camera that offers a wide range of features. This camera is capable of up to 4k resolution from the front camera, and has a 1080P reverse camera. You can get this dash cam here on Amazon, or direct on Wolfbox's site.

One of the features of the Wolfbox G840S is its large screen. This camera mounts directly over your mirror, and its 12" screen is capable of showing the reverse camera, forward camera, or both at the same time. This is 2 channel dashcam, so you get a front facing camera by default on the unit, and can run a reverse camera as well. The front facing camera can record in up to 4k, but it drops when you run the reverse camera. Regardless, the quality is great. See my full review video and installation for examples, and more in depth information! 

In addition to these basic features, Wolfbox G840S has a number of advanced features that make it stand out from other dashcams on the market. These include a G-sensor that automatically detects and records any sudden movements or impacts. This allows the camera to automatically save video if you're in a crash. If you hardwire it, as shown in my video, it'll start recording if the vehicle gets hit when parked. This camera also has a loop recording feature that allows the camera to overwrite older footage when the memory is full.

If wired to a switched power source, the Wolfbox G840S will turn on when you turn the car on, but not drain your battery when it's off. If you hardwire it, the camera can monitor your vehicle while the car isn't on by running in timelapse mode.

The Wolfbox G840S is priced around $120, but coupons are readily available on Amazon here

 Overall, the G840S is a high-quality dashcam that offers a wide range of features and specifications at a reasonable price, making it a great choice for anyone in need of a high quality dashcam.

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